I became a Christian at age 7 at Eastside Baptist Church in Gonzales. I sat with Pastor David Davidson on the back of his pickup truck as he shared the Gospel and I accepted Christ. It seems like I grew up in the church, whether Baptist or non-denominational. I can’t say that I’ve always stayed on the straight and narrow, but I have always had the love of God in me.
I married at age 18 to Steve Scott, who was also 18. I think, after 26 years, you can say that we raised each other. We have two children, Bobby, age 23, attending TSTC in Waco, Texas and Jacob, age 20, attending Victoria College in Gonzales, Texas. Steve and I are also members of The River’s Edge, the worship band for Two Rivers Bible Church, where Steve is the Worship Pastor.


I attended and graduated from Gonzales High School and immediately entered the work force. I have been involved in Praise and Worship since I began singing in the choirs and ensembles, at all of the churches I attended.


I really love traveling anywhere with my husband and/or family. We LOVE vacations! I enjoy reading — especially medical thrillers and murder mysteries. I always try to figure out “whodunnit”…and sometimes I’m actually right! I play volleyball, watch football and hockey, would like to go to a basketball game and hate baseball. Steve and I are also “foodies” and our dream travel itinerary would be to eat our way through Italy and then maybe Greece. ;).