9-10:15 AM & 10:45-12 PM

Kids Church at Two Rivers Bible Church provides multi-sensory and educationally sound experiences that immerse children in learning. We present the Bible as real and relevant. The curriculum is designed to move children from knowing about the historical Jesus to knowing Him personally and growing in relationship with Him. Our learning environment is designed to encourage children that are new to church yet still engage those who already have a friendship with God.


Expect a warm greeting at the Kids Church check-in desk.  If your child is age 5 or younger, a numbered pager is given to you. Please keep this pager with you for the entirety of your child’s presence in Kids Church. This ensures a personal and private notification if you’re needed in the classroom for any reason. Three to 8 years-olds meet together for a common worship experience before breaking into their classroom.  In class, kid-friendly Biblical points are presented through multiple methods such as games, music, videos, hands-on lessons, group discussions, prayer and craft projects that creatively express the lesson. We believe it is vital to provide a fun and safe environment for your child. Therefore, all Kids Church volunteers are screened and pass a background check. At the end of each service, your child is released directly to you or to another authorized individual. Be sure to check for your phone, keys & kids upon leaving!


Whether you are a seasoned leader or just starting the journey of volunteering, there is a place for you to say “YES!” to the next generation. The Two Rivers Bible Church Student and Children Ministries offer a wide variety of ways to serve the next generation of students. You can make a difference in the lives of hundreds of students from newborns to high school seniors.