I went to church for the first time the Sunday after my parents separated and I accepted Christ that day inside the kitchen for Hill Country Bible Church Southwest campus at the age of 12. I spend those next couple of years going back and forth in my faith. It was not until the first night of boot camp at the age of 16 when God grabbed ahold of my heart and reminded me that I was not living my life for Him. From that night on, I lived every day to grow deeper in my faith. I’ve been given a lot of opportunities to serve Him and serve alongside other incredible Christians in this walk of faith.


Howard Payne University Bachelor of Arts in History, with minors in English and Bible in 2015. I was involved in the youth group at Two Rivers while in high school. Once I graduated I would come back to serve in youth ministry alongside Charles Matlock mainly for BackYard Bible Clubs for 4 years. I got the opportunity to be the summer intern in 2014 and 2015 at Two Rivers. I’ve been in the youth ministry as youth leader for 2 years. Interned in a girl home in the jungle of Peru for six months in 2016. I learned to love with grace. Woke up each morning to assist with getting the children up and ready for school, home school the missionary family’s youngest son, took care of the pet monkey, afternoons were spent helping with homework, dinner, helping with bedtime, taking care of 14 of more children. The girls home was where children were either abused by a family member and need protection, left by their parents or orphaned. My job was to help care of these children. While in Peru I assisted in home visits of children who attended the kids club as well as help with the kids’ club. Led the cooking session in the girls’ morning Bible study.


I love going on random adventures from a trip to the store or going to Atlanta. I enjoy listening to music and dancing. I enjoy the little things in life. I am always laughing. I love to learn and read any chance I get. Spending quality time with people, especially those I love and the youth.