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Current Series - Running on Empty



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worshipWorship and Truth
Welcome to our website, we are a family of believers committed to reaching people with the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ. We are passionate about helping people connect with God, others, service and the unchurched. Our vision is that every man, woman and child in Gonzales County would have the opportunity to experience the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ because they hear the gospel though the lips of someone from TRBC. Come as you are and explore spirituality with us at your level and at God's pace...No Perfect People Allowed!read more

Backyard Bible Club

picBack Yard Bible Clubs for children grades k-5th July 6th-9th. Everyone welcome to bring children and stay to watch bible stories, games and fun. Bring kids to one of the numerous BYBC in the city; 5:30-6:45 pm or 7:00-8:15 pm. BYBC will be followed by SummerFest on July 10th at 6pm at JB Wells Pavilion. For more information on locations please call 830-672-2703.

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Sermon Series: Running on Empty

Between work, little league, school, and (hopefully) church, there's scant time left in many people's lives for a moment to themselves, much less a moment with God. 

As more and more demands are put on people's time, very few seem concerned about overload. With this 2-week series by Jesse Elizondo, you will learn two crucial behaviors: How to say "no" to things that will drain you and how to slow to down to let God refuel your soul. It ain't easy, especially when sometimes it's you who is running yourself ragged. But with this series, you will find some quick tools to bring peace that passes understanding into your lives.

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