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worshipWorship and Truth
Welcome to our website, we are a family of believers committed to reaching people with the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ. We are passionate about helping people connect with God, others, service and the unchurched. Our vision is that every man, woman and child in Gonzales County would have the opportunity to experience the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ because they hear the gospel though the lips of someone from TRBC. Come as you are and explore spirituality with us at your level and at God's pace...No Perfect People Allowed!read more

Sermon Series: The Other Path: HOLINESS

These days, it's normal to deal with financial pressure, bad relationships, and exhausting schedules. God calls us to be set apart from the world's norm. Maybe it's time to find something better than normal. Join us as we explore life beyond normal in our next series, The Other Path: Holiness.

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Boot Camp / Back Yard Bible Camp (BYBC)

picBackyard Bible Clubs (BYBC) are student led clubs that are in the yards of people in the community. The second week of June Two Rivers Bible Church will hold their first Boot Camp in Corpus Christi in a weeklong camp. The camp gives the students an opportunity to learn how to canvas a neighborhood, put on skits, tell Bible Stories, and lead/point children in the direction of Jesus Christ. Our students then will go into the neighborhoods of Gonzales to reach children with the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ. read more